How To Create A Bootable Linux Ubuntu USB Flash/Thumb Drive? The Easy Way!

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Easy Tutorial to make a Bootable Linux Ubuntu On USB Flash or Thumb DriveHow to create a bootable Ubuntu USB Flash / Thumb Drive? Linux Ubuntu is indeed a good alternative for free operating systems as a replacement for microsoft windows. After you download the ISO file, then your first problem is how to make it bootable. On Ubuntu official site they describe well about the process, from downloading to installation. But if you are new to this open source OS maybe the tutorial is too confusing.

To make a bootable Linux Ubuntu setup you cannot simply open the ISO file then extract / copy the files directly to the media (USB drive/CD/DVD), but you will need a tool to make it work. It is simple to burn ISO to CD or DVD, you can use free burner tool such as InfraRecorder. But how to copy the ISO file and make it a bootable setup on USB drive? Here I provide you the easy tutorial to create a bootable Ubuntu USB Flash/Thumb drive as the solution for the first step after you download the Ubuntu ISO file. Note: this tutorial is only for windows XP or Vista.

What will you need?
1. One (1) blank USB Flash / Pen / Thumb Drive (minimum has 1 GB storage size)
2. Ubuntu 9.10 ISO file
3. UNetbootin windows application, download it here

Free Unetbootin download

How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu Flash Drive

1. Plug your USB flash drive to your computer
2. Run Unetbootin
3. Check (tick) the "Diskimage" option and make sure you select ISO value on the drop down option.

How to create ubuntu USB flash thumb drive

4. Browse the location on where the Linux Ubuntu ISO file is – then select Ubuntu ISO file.
5. Make sure you have selected "USB Drive" value on the Type option and select the right USB drive location.
6. Now click OK button
7. Please wait the installation process.

How to make a bootable Linux Ubuntu on USB Flash Drive

8. Once the installation finished, UNetbootin will ask you to reboot your computer or to exit.

Easy way to create a bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive

That’s it, now the bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive is ready to use. Click exit if you want to restart computer manually or you want to use the USB drive on other computer. Don't forget to change computer's boot priority on BIOS menu. If you are new to linux Ubuntu, you can learn how to geek the OS with Ubuntu Guide PDF ebook by Keir Thomas.


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