How To Change Facebook Layout, Style and Background

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
How to change facebook layout or background? Can you do that? Yes of course, you can alter your facebook wallpaper / template to meet your style. To do this trick, now there is an add-on for mozilla firefox which called "stylish" to change facebook styles, so basically you don’t use facebook application to change the layout. Okay, now let’s try it.

1. Start your mozilla firefox browser, if you don’t have it please download from its official site.

2. Install Stylish Add-On then restart your browser.

Download Stylish Add-On For Mozilla Firefox and ThunderBird

3. Go to facebook styles page and choose your favorite styles / layout / background.

Facebook Layout Styles Page

4. Click "Install with Stylish"

Instal facebook layout with stylish

5. Done! Now go to your facebook page and see the result.

You can manage facebook layout or combine styles. Styler manager enable you to manage : activate/deactivate, edit and uninstall current styles. To manage styles click the "S" symbol on the bottom right of your browser window.

Activate the styler manager Styler Layout Manager

To combine the styles, for example you have installed the "Facebook Windows7 Black Edition", now combine the layout with "Facebook Cool Blue Windows 7 Taskbar" style. And here is the result :

Change Facebook Layout and Styles

Okay, that’s all for how to change facebook layout / background / styles. Easy isn’t it?


Lala said...

Nice tutorial brother...

Anonymous said...

its very good

Anonymous said...

To change your facebook style (colors, backgrounds...)

Check out these steps :
1 - Open your preferred browser.
2 - Visit:
3 - click on: skip this ads
4 - Follow the step by step instructions provided.
5 - After finishing the installation process, restart your browser, then open again.
6 - Done, now you can choose so many layouts and designs for Facebook profile.

Albey said...

here is the easiest way to change your facebook styles, backgrounds, and layouts
just simply download this program, and then chose the theme/layout which you want

Download Link:

Got this link from this page which has all the ways of changing facebook styles
Have fun

alexthepunk said...

This Also works

Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial!!!!!

Dave said...

Too bad the changes are only viewable from your own computer. Only YOU can see the changes, no one else.

Suvi said...

but how can i change whole background to angle, demo theme etc


Anonymous said...

@ dave, yea, aboslutely correct! i also tried so many times but changes are only visible to just ourselves not in actual outlook of profiles! :( shit man!

Anonymous said...

how can i reset to normal facebook again?

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