Download Ubuntu Pocket Guide PDF Ebook by Keir Thomas

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Download Ubuntu Guide PDF Ebook. Linux Ubuntu is a good alternative for free open source Operating Systems. It has been used by large number of users from around the world, and also supported by its community. However, not all users are familiar to Ubuntu, especially for new users. If you are new to Ubuntu, maybe you need some guides to get familiar with it. In this case you can download the PDF version of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference written by Keir Thomas.

Free Download Ubuntu Guide PDF Ebook
About Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference PDF EBook
Within the book you will find concise guide to Ubuntu. This book quickly transforms its readers into experts. In its clear and concise pages, you learn step-by-step about installation, getting Ubuntu onto your computer--after which you learn how to configure your computer's hardware. Following this you are introduced to the Ubuntu desktop, and the tricks and techniques of efficient day-to-day usage. The book then describes the highways of the Ubuntu filesystem, and gives a full run-down of the Ubuntu file manager. Next, the command-line is tackled in-depth, after which software management is explained. Finally, system security is described. Appendixes provide a glossary, and a guide to technical documentation.
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You can read the Ubuntu Guide PDF ebook online on Google ebook : click here!

The print version of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is available on


Cahaya165 said...

Kunjungan Pagi....

Risal said...

Kunjungan pagi ketempat kawan yang Semakin Hari Semakin Mantap..

rumah blogger said...

langsung donwload ya, ijin komandaaaan :)

sabirinnet said...

terima kasih nich udah dikasih ilmu, tapi ebooknya bahasa inggris yaa??

rumah blogger said...


Meyliani said...

kepada om angga yg baik, mohon maaf jika saya bertanya & minta tolong. saya mau pasang widget di blogger tapi kok ada pesan error seperti ini:

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tolong bantuannya yah?

Lowongan BUMN said...

mantap nih, harus download kayaknya.

pdf ebook said...

iam looking for what you are talking about
in this article , its a wonderful explication
nice article

pdf ebook (email: said...

You say about Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference PDF EBook.I've seen and download youe ebook. It's good idea.

pdf ebook - said...

this is very handy ubuntu guides for ubuntu fans, it will be great for reading in the spare time. enhancing your knowledge of ubuntu opensource o/s. great for all. recommended ebook source for ubuntu guides. thank you.
yanuar ridho hidayat.

Gafarudin said...

Nice Post Thanks...

Download Free ebooks also here :

Download Free ebooks

Anonymous said...

That is a very old and outdated reference. Thje original Ubuntuguide (since 2005) is continuously updated at:


Also see Kubuntuguide at:


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