Create Bootable Windows Setup on USB Flash Drive (For Win 7, 2008, XP, Vista, 2003)

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Hello everyone, in this post I want to share how to create bootable windows setup on USB flash drive. With this trick you can build your windows setup, including windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008. You know that most of OS installer comes with CD or DVD and usually we do install them to computer with CD/DVD drive. But now, there are many netbook that don’t have optical drive. And maybe in the future we will no longer using CD/DVD (is it possible?...we’ll see :D). The easy way to create bootable USB flash windows installer is by using software. I recommend you to use Novicorp WinToFlash. Why? Because it is easy to operate, fast and save your time...and most importantly, it is a freeware software, so you can download Novicorp WinToFlash and use it for free.

How to use Novicorp WinToFlash?
All you need to create USB flash bootable windows setup are USB drive (flash, thumb, pen drive, etc.) and the windows setup CD. First, you have to download Novicorp WinToFlash and extract the .rar file (If you don’t have winRAR you can extract it using free 7Zip). Double click the WinToFlash application file to run the program.

You can either run the wizard or select the “task” tab to create bootable windows on USB flash drive. Both methods are easy, but if you’re not sure, I recommend you to use the wizard.

For example, we will use wizard, click the “Windows setup transfer wizard”, then click next...

Create bootable Windows Setup on USB Flash - Picture

Select the windows files path (CD drive or folder location that contains windows setup files), and select the USB drive location, then click next.

Create bootable Windows Setup on USB Flash - Picture 2

Please wait while the program create your windows setup on USB drive

Create bootable Windows Setup on USB Flash - Picture 3

Once it finished, click next and exit. Now you have bootable windows setup on USB flash drive.


Kaos Couple Unik said...

thanks for share...

picnic catering said...

How can I get to my USB Flash Drive in my College's computer?

seo manchester said...

If you search the forums at SPCR for "XP on compact flash" or something you will find a lot of threads detailing the different ways to do it, links to all the software you'll need, performance benchmarks for different methods etc.

Cosmetic Makeover said...

You need to prepare the USB Thumb drive to hold your Windows OS installation files. I have added a photo example of the "diskpart" steps in Step 3. Click on the Start tab and type "cmd" in the Run field box and hit enter. When the command prompt window opens up type "diskpart" and a new disk part window will pop up.

rax said...

hi, thanx for sharing this useful information..usb boot drive

Baltimore webdesign said...

i wrote such info few days ago) funny. all people have such problem with usb-flash

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