How To Open ISO files?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
ISO extension file is a type of archive file, often used as disk image as a backup. Now .ISO extension has become popular, there are times we find it on daily computing activities or when we browse the internet. So it’s important to know about it, how to use it and how to open ISO files. As an archive, it usually contains one or more files, however we can not see directly what files are in it? Burn the ISO file is one alternative to get / open the files within the ISO, but it’s not effective. Actually, we don’t have to burn the image / ISO into CD / DVD to get the file. There are tricks to open ISO files and see what is in there without wasting your CD/DVDs, 100% Free.

Open ISO files with 7-Zip
Actually, you can open or extract ISO file with WinRAR, it’s a commercial software so you can only get the trial copy. As an alternative I choose 7-Zip because it’s free download. Moreover, I’m amazed with the abilities and I can say it is the best alternative for WinRAR, a very good freeware, easy to use, lightweight, and efficient.
To open ISO file with 7-Zip, just press right click on the .iso file - hover to 7-Zip menu - then click "open archive"

How to open ISO Files

Now you can see files within the ISO. The next step is up to you, what files you want to extract / open.

How To open ISO files using 7zip

Open ISO File with Virtual Disk Software
Another good alternative to open ISO file is by using virtual drive software such as MagicISO (this is a good freeware too :D). How it works? It creates virtual CD drives in your computer. An ISO file can be mounted on virtual drive as a virtual CD, so your mission is to mount ISO file on virtual drive created by MagicISO, then you will be able to access / open ISO file via the virtual drive. Moreover, you can do more iso operations with this freeware, such as create ISO image, convert ISO, burn image, create a bootable CD/DVD and etc. I’m sorry I can’t provide you with detail explanation and screenshoot, maybe other time.

Actually there are many more software that can help you to open ISO file. But I think both methods which I explained above are the easy/effective way plus free, hope they can be the best answer for how to open ISO files.

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