HTC Google Nexus One Officially Announced - Reviews, Detailed Specs and Price

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HTC Google Nexus One Reviews, Complete Specs, and PriceGoogle officially announced the HTC Google Nexus One on January 5, 2010 at Googleplex, Mountain View, CA. Nexus One is a cell phone made by HTC with much input from Google and the phone comes with all the best features. The best feature from this superphone is equipped with the fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. It’s also the only phone that used the new Android 2.1 operating systems.

Google Nexus One manufactured by HTC, but Google designed almost the entire aspects of this phone, from physical appearance to the software application running on it. From the design, it has strong impression with slim design, wide and big screen – almost covers the entire surface. Its height x width x depth is 119mm x 59,8mm x 11,5mm with weight 130grams (include battery)

The phone comes with quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and 3G support. Other features from HTC Google Nexus One: equipped with 3.7-inch widescreen WVGA AMOLED touch-screen, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash - auto focus - 2x digital zoom, GPS, digital compass, WiFi, accelerometer, proximity sensor, 3.5mm headphone jack, multicolored LED under the trackball and etc. The most innovative software feature is the smart voice-enabled keyboard, which allows you to speak to any text field.

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Google HTC Nexus One Pictures

Nexus One Internet Browser Google Nexus One Reviews, Complete Specification and Price
Side Preview - Google Nexus One is slim as thin as a pencil Nexus One Text message feature with touch screen keyboard
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Google Nexus One Is Available on Google Web Store
Where’s to buy Google Nexus One? Along with the phone announcement, they have also announced Google Web Store. And Nexus One is the first phone available on the Web Store, so you can check out this phone, see the complete specifications and features. Right now, the unlocked version of HTC Google Nexus One is priced for $529, available for shipping to the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. As an alternative you can also buy this phone cheaper, only $179 with 2-year contract with T-Mobile USA.


Pooja said...

HTC Nexus phone is really a smart phone. It is worth buying. It has amazing features. The display is fantastic. It has 5.0 mp camera. Photo quality is amazing. It has a slim look which is amazing. For more details refer htc nexus one review

Mark Smith said...

Awesome phone it has lots of amazing applications.

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