Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Version

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta. Yup, Microsoft just launched the their brand new office suite, but the software is still in beta test. For those of you who want to try it, now you can download the ms office 2010 for free in officebeta site. Of course there are some development on the new office software compared with previous versions. The beta version is a limited software which will end on October 31, 2010, which at that time this software will not work anymore. At the expired date you can choose either to download the trial version or buy the Microsoft Office 2010 full version.

Interestingly, in 2010, Microsoft will also launch the online based Microsoft Office 2010, that called "Office Web Apps". It will be launched completely at the same time with the release of the Microsoft Office 2010 software (the date and price are still unknown). Microsoft states that users can use the Office Web Apps without Microsoft Office software, so you will be able to create and edit Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint and other applications on your web browser.

The page for free download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is now available at officebeta page.

Microsoft Office 2010 Download

Free Microsoft Office 2010 Download!!!
There are three versions available for free download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, the Home & Business, Professional and Professional Plus. What are the different between them? See here!


sains said...

i'd have one.... thks for sharing

Print Brochures said...

Interesting... but just as expected, since MS 7 has already been released. :D

Diva said...

nice, i'd love to use it..

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