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free microsoft office word downloadHi friends, are you looking for links for Free Microsoft word download? Well… first, keep in mind that this is a commercial software, the copyright is owned by Microsoft corporation, and I think you already know that. Unfortunately not all people want to buy the original ms office software (because it is not cheap), thus many of them are searching for the free copy of Microsoft office word download. Here, I am not going to give you a free original Microsoft word because to distribute, use and download an original copy of Microsoft office for free means violating the law. So the conclusion is it is not a free software. And if you care to yourself and the ones who you love then don’t do such illegal things.

Yes, I agree that Microsoft Office Word is an important program, definitely a must have software installed in your computer. Then what should you do if you don’t want to buy it? I suggest you to try the free Microsoft word alternative. Actually there are some open source software similar to Microsoft word. Moreover, you can download them for free, full version and with no limited time to use!

If you are struggling looking for Microsoft word free download, you should try open source software instead. Below are list of best open-source office suite (full version) programs, just choose one of them folks!
I use open office 3 on one of my computer, and I am quite satisfied with the features and stability. Open office is a pioneer in the world of opensource office suite software. It has been used by a large numbers of users and also supported by lots of developers from open-source community. The Office suite include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, data charting, formula editing, database, and file conversion facilities (including those for Microsoft Office formats). The free word processor in openoffice called “Writer”, it is an application that has similarity to Microsoft word. For the compatibility, although the default format is open document format but you can create-open-edit and save .doc and .docx in OO writer. If you need other special features you can use extensions to enhance the functionality of your office suite. OpenOffice is available for free download for windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris.

Download Microsoft Word

This is another popular office suite in open source world. Basically it is almost the same as openoffice (so don’t ask again about the features and compatibility), moreover it has more advanced options, with more additional cliparts, templates, fonts, samples, plus VBA support. You can see oxygenoffice rating on its user reviews, so far 87% users are satisfied with this office suite. This software can run on Windows (32 bit) and Linux (32 and 64 bit).

IBM Lotus Symphony
Although it is not as popular as the two above, it is also a good alternative for Microsoft word free download. IBM Lotus Symphony Documents meets all requirements for word processor standard. It is equipped with all basic features of word processing plus more interesting features such as integrated tab function, convert to PDF, file compatibility with Microsoft office, plugins support and so forth. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac (please see their release notes)

Portable Word Processor
If you are a type of people with high mobility, portable office word software is the best solution for you. Can you imagine, you have office suite software in your pocket? You can use it on any computer anywhere and anytime you like by using your USB drive. Portable open office is available in Portableapps. Also if you want a single ms word portable application then you should choose Abiword, it is more light-weight than an office suite.

Okay, that’s all folks. Just pick any software you want, hope they can be the best alternative for a free Microsoft word download.


Aamir said...

Thanks for introducing above freeware programs .. it really help in cost cutting .. good alternated

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list of free download microsoft word alternatives. I prefer to choose openoffice writer as replacement for ms word

Anonymous said...

is it possible to open an Open Office text document on Microsoft Word?

angga said...

you can convert openoffice files into microsoft office formats

see here

tom said...

I have tried open office, but it will not open my existing ms word documents. So I have no choice, I have to get another set of ms word. There are no free trials offered by ms at moment, even though they advertise, they don't actually exist.
I still have my original 2007 msoffice disc, but because I changed computers, I can't use it because I threw out the box with the product code.

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