Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternative Download

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
free Microsoft PowerPoint download alternative open source software is the perfect solution for the original Microsoft Office PowerPoint replacement. In daily life, often we have to create a project, for example your business or college project, plan, strategies, sales & financial report etc., and you have to show those project / plan / report to your audience. Thus making a presentation slides can not be avoided. So, it can not be denied that ms Power Point and its file extension became standard software. Whoever you are, you will need this software. However, to buy Microsoft Office suite is not cheap. If you cannot afford to buy office pack or maybe you want to save some money, in this case we can try free Microsoft PowerPoint download alternative software. There are many open source software that have similarity with the original Microsoft version, so you can create and edit your presentation slides, and of course it is legal.

Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives Download

1. OpenOffice Impress
Impress is a part of OpenOffice Suite 3. It has a similarity, features, and file extensions compatibility with Ms office PowerPoint 2007. Easy to use, the best and most stable PPT software for free Microsoft PowerPoint alternative software.
Microsoft PowerPoint Free Download Alternative Software OpenOffice Impress

2. Oxygen Office Impress
Oxygen Office Impress is the enhanced version of OpenOffice Impress. Oxygen Office Professional contains more extras like templates, cliparts, samples, fonts and VBA support.

3. IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations
Another good alternative for free PowerPoint download alternative to create and share your presentation slides to your audiences. It has many additional features, such as tab interface, animations, save / export to PDF or HTML formats, etc.

4. KOffice KPresenter
KPresenter is part of KOffice Suite, a free Power Point alternative to create and edit presentation slides. KOffice runs on Linux and Unix based system.

Online or Web-Based Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives - Allows you to create, edit and save/download your presentation slides via the internet.
1. 280 Slides (
2. Google Docs
3. Zoho Show (
4. Slide Rocket (

Software listed on number 1, 2 and 3 are the most popular open source software to make presentation slides. Hopefully one of them can be your best alternative solution for free microsoft powerpoint download.


Mike said...

I want a tool which can convert ost to pst, i have a tool for pst repair
Repair outlook pst file tools
to repair pst file. I have deleted my email, but still i recover all my emails, now i have problem with ost, please tell a tool to convert ost to pst.

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