Convert OpenOffice files into Microsoft Office and Vice Versa (Online & Offline Based File Converter)

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Convert OpenOffice files into Microsoft Office and Vice Versa. One of my friends asks me that he receive some word document files from his friend but he cannot open them in his computer. I ask him back, what’s the file’s format? He said that the files have .ODT format and he can’t open them in Microsoft Word. Ahh, I see... the files were created in OpenOffice Writer. So I told him to open those files in OpenOffice, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the software. Then, I search on Google to find a freeware to convert .ODT to .DOC and give it to him. In this post I just want to share how to convert openoffice file to Microsoft Office and vice versa.

To convert openoffice document files into Microsoft Office you can use JODConverter. It is an open source conversion software between office document formats using Not only .odt to doc and vice versa, it also allows you to convert excel & powerpoint, any file formats into PDF, RTF, WordPerfect and HTML.
Free Download JODConverter : click here!
There are also some online file converter that have the same abilities. Furthermore, they provide more file conversions, such as online video and audio / music file conversion, convert image file formats, compressed formats and etc.
Zamzar – convert document, audio, video, image, compressed files, and CAD formats.
Cometdocs - Free online file converter

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Envelope Printing | said...

Oh, so there is a software that converts .odt files to .doc files? Why didn't he just saved it to .doc instead of .odt? :D That's what I do when I want to open an Open Office document to MS word...

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