Download ODF Add-In | Create Open and Save Open Document Files in Microsoft Office

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
ODF add-in is an additional plugin for Microsoft office word, excel and powerpoint. As I stated in the title, it has abilities to create, open and save open document files (such as odt, odp, and ods) under Microsoft office application. I think this is a great add-on for those who want to enhance ms office capabilities and compatibilities to handle ODF type documents.

For your information, open document files produced / published by open source office suite like openoffice, abiword, oxygenoffice and so on. We have covered these software in free Microsoft word alternative. If you are interested you can get them for free. The popularity of office opensource has been grown rapidly and they have so many users now. For compatibility, Opensource office software have no problem with ms office formats, users can open, create, convert and save documents into Microsoft office formats. But how about ms office users? Can they open, create or save open document files? I am sure they can’t do that

So, as many of you already know about the facts above, thus Microsoft office users will need an additional plugin to handle ODF files in their office applications. If you are a Microsoft office user, ODF add-in is a perfect plugin to deal with open document formats.

How to Use?
That’s very easy, once you have installed ODF add-in, your Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint can handle ODF formats. Take a look at office button menu, there is an additional ODF menu and sub-menu. It enables you to convert, create, open and save ODF files. For example, if you have .odt file you can open it with your Microsoft word. The next steps is up to you!

create, open and save odf in ms office
You can also open ODF document by right-click on the file that you want to open. See to the figure below:

convert odf into ms office
So, what do you think? Interesting isn’t it? If you are a Ms office user and you have problems with odf documents then I suggest you to download ODF add-in for Microsoft office, it is free!
Download ODF add-in for ms Office


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Printing Shoppers | UPrinting Coupons said...

I'm not sure it this is an add-in or a plug-in. :D But this is one of the helpful tools I'm used to have when I make a report or whatever I do on Word Document. Thanks to Microsoft for this.

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