Easy Way To Read or Decode A Barcode and QR-Code Image

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Few days back I mentioned an online tool to generate barcode and QR code. Sorry for the long delay, because I was very busy developing my new sites. Now, as I promised you in the previous post, this topic will be focused on how to read barcode and QR code image without using any software or machine, we will use an online based tool.

The web-based application that I want to highlight here is ZXing from Google Code, have you heard that before? First, let’s take a look on the interface.

Zxing interface

The ZXing’s interface is indeed very simple but do not underestimate its abilities :D

From the layout, you can either upload the image from your computer or from URL, then click "Submit Query" to decode or read your barcode or QR-Code images.

I have two examples here, one barcode image and the other is QR-code image.

Barcode Image
read barcode

URL : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__fGE9uGYw5A/S4UbtdfkYtI/AAAAAAAABLs/khL1v20yCG8/s400/read+barcode.png

QR-Code Image

read QR-Code Image

URL : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__fGE9uGYw5A/S4UbthgljvI/AAAAAAAABL0/_OhT_bi7yp0/s400/read+qr-code.png

Step 1 : copy and paste the image URL into the first box and then I
Step 2 : click "Submit Query" to decode.

Result for Barcode Image
Google barcode decode result

Result for QR-Code Image
Yahoo QR code decode result

You can also download the ZXing application in Google Codes


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