How To Create A Group On Facebook? Easy Tutorial

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
How to create a group on Facebook? Well, actually it's very easy to make it. A group is a facility to assemble community with same interest such as hobby, school, activities, office, club and others. You know, it is fun to have friends with the same interest, so we can share information, talk, planning and coordinating activities on a group.

Okay, no more babble, let's start the tutorial to make a group on Facebook. Just follow to these steps :

1. Log in to your facebook account
2. Click "Applications" (on the bottom left) on your facebook layout then choose "Group"
Easy way to make a group in facebook

3. Now click "Create a New Group"
Create a new group on facebook

4. Type your group name, description and category (required). Recent news, office, email, website, street, city/town are optional.
Create facebook group

5. On the Step 2, customize the group and set the rules or access. If you're not sure you can Skip this step.
how to make a group on facebook

6. Click Save or Skip

7. Now you can invite your friends to join the group
Invite people to join your facebook group

Click Back To "your group name" to see your group page. You can access customization menu on the top left sidebar of your group page.

Customize Facebook Group

Ok, that's all for how to create a group on facebook :)


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