Integrated Chat Feature On Google Translator Toolkit

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Just want to inform you, now, Google translator toolkit has an integrated chat feature. The integrated chat functions are exactly like the pop-up chat on Gmail.

Chat On Translator Toolkit

Google Translator Toolkit is a free language translator tool / dictionary that allows you to make a translation from web page, text, document formats (such as microsoft word, open office etc.) and Wikipedia. Moreover, because the translations are not always perfect, you can edit and fix the text translation on side by side view. Finished with the translation work, you can download or publish it, you can also share the translation to your friends.

See the video to learn more about Google Translator Toolkit.

The integrated chat on Translator Toolkit includes all contacts on your mail, so it can be quite useful for coordinating work on a document that is modified by several members of a team. Learn more about chat on translator toolkit on google blog.

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Lowongan BUMN said...

lama gak ke sini kok ganti template, bagus juga nih template yg baru. semoga tahun 2010 ini semakin sukses...

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