Turn Your Scanner and Printer Into PhotoCopier With iCopy

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Change / Turn your printer and scanner into photocopier machine? Sounds interesting eh...? well I tell you, it’s not impossible now. With a simple portable software, called iCopy, you can combine your printer and scanner – turn them into copier machine. It allows you to make photocopies on the fly, with speed comparable to a copy machine.

You don’t have to manually scan the physical documents or re-write them using microsoft word then you print them, that’s not effective. iCopy is a free full open source software developed by SourceForge, so it's a trusted freeware. It turns your scanner and printer into a powerful, yet easy to use instant copier, allowing the copying of documents and images by pressing a button. With iCopy you have all the options for scanning and printing in a small and simple window.

How To
Select the number of copies, color, paper size, image settings and press the blue "Copy" button to start copying.

iCopy interface - easy to use
Start your prints quickly through the scanner button. Click the scanner button and choose the iCopy as default / standard software. When you click the button again, the iCopy will start automatically.

iCopy offers several options to improve the outcome of the copy. You can change the picture settings as brightness, contrast, resolution and magnification.

Image setting window
Other features : preview, scan to file, selecting the scan, function expansion by percentage, you can scan multiple pages before printing, etc.

iCopy download - Turn your scanner and printer into photocopier machine

iCopy is compatible with large numbers of printer and scanner products from various brands such as Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lexmark and others.

Turn Your Scanner and Printer Into PhotoCopier : Download iCopy


Great Deals said...

Actually i was searching such type of features printer for my new office, in this printer i basically like we can change the picture settings as brightness, contrast, resolution and magnification.

Citee Pierre said...

Sounds interesting - iCOpy did an excellent job with my printer. Thanks for this post, it did help me a lot...more tips please...

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