Google Goggles and What's Nearby : Visual Search for Android

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Google Goggles and What's Nearby - Visual Search for Android. There is no doubt that Google has developed its mobile OS itself and devote all the attention needed to grow well and strong. Now, Google’s developers have developed new features for Android, which called "Google Goggles" and "What's Nearby".

Google Goggles visual search for android mobile phone

Google Goggles lets you use the Android 1.6+ handset digital camera to launch Google visual search (with a pictures / images (not with words)) – recognizing and analyzing images – and generating search results (look at the picture above!). From now Goggles has been able to recognize various landmarks, books, contact info, artwork, places, wine and logos.

Other new addition for Andoid 1.6+ device is "What's Nearby" features for Google Maps. Also available as an update in Android Market. This new feature allows you to see what’s nearby, just long-press on the map, tap on the bubble, and look for "What's nearby?" in the menu, it will show you the list of the other nearby business places, including restaurants, shops and others. For more information, you can read Google Maps "what's nearby" features on Google Lat Long Blog.

Google has also managed to bring the voice search feature updates on the Android handset devices. Even now supports Japanese, English and Mandarin.

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seo manchester said...

At the moment, Goggles for Android can identify landmarks, works of art and different products, but Google plans to provide “high quality results for any image” in the future.

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