AT&T New Service: Voice Mail To Text

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
AT&T has launched its new service, Voice Mail To Text. When our cell phone was inactive, sometimes we are too lazy to listen incoming voicemail, we don’t know whether the message is important or not, we have to dial to specific number to listen it.

Responding to this problem, AT&T offers a solution that is the voicemail-to-text service, where the service is able to translate incoming Voicemail and send it in the form of text into our phones. We also can read the message on the computer or directly from the phone.

To subscribe, you will be charged about $9.99 USD per month, then this service will be able to:
  • Receive incoming Voicemail in translating directly into a text (words), e-mail or both
  • You can respond to this incoming message, call to the number to people who send Voicemail, respond via e-mail or SMS
  • Transfer voicemails in the form of text, or e-mail
  • Storing Voicemail on the phone or computer
  • The old Voicemail model will still be accessible, so you can still listen to Voicemail by calling into your voice mailbox whenever and wherever you want.

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