BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin, Review, Specification, Price

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BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin, Review, Specification and PriceBlackberry Javelin Curve 8900 can be said as a combination design between Curve 9000 and Bold 8310. But for Internet connections features, Bold still superior than Curve 8900. If Bold uses HSDPA access, Curve 8900 rely on EDGE connections. Although the internet connection ability is below the Bold, RIM equip Curve 8900 with 3.2 MP camera plus flash, higher than Bold which only has 2 Megapixel camera. With Curve 8900, users are pampered with more clear screen. Curve 8900 using transmissive TFT display technology with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and able to play video with more detailed colors and good performance. In addition, Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin also equipped with a GPS. On the processor side, 512 Mhz processor for the Curve 8900 is still below the Bold which had a 624 Mhz processor. But with the support of 512 MHz processor and 256 MB flash memory, BlackBerry Curve 8900 still shows performance above average. This was proven when doing multitasking, ie listening to music, edit documents, as well as opening other applications.

BlackBerry Javelin Curve 8900, Review, Specification, Price

The screen size of Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 is big enough, which is 50 x 38 mm. With such physical size, three rows of iconic menus, each containing 6 rows of menu can be accommodated. To move down the menu it used convenient trackball. The use of transmissive TFT on Javelin brings better quality of the displayed image, either photos or videos.
This is one of the best feature in the Curve 8900. Various audio file formats can be set in the music player such as MP3, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC / AAC + / eAAC +, WMA9, WMA9 PRO and WMA10. The music that came out of a double speaker is good enough. Curve 8900 also provides access to a Bluetooth A2DP headset.

By using a 3.2 Megapixel camera, user can freely explore the photography features. These include the accompanying facilities such as flash, white balance, contrast, zoom, and brightness.

Besides taking pictures, we can record video with the 3.2 MegaPixel camera. The maximum resolution that can be set is 240 x 180 pixels. The result of video record is running smooth and almost no delay. Even more special from BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin is the video player facilities which can play various video files formats such as DivX4, DivX 5/6, XviD, MPEG4, WMV3, and H.263.

The Power of BlackBerry messaging facility remains on Curve 8900. Besides SMS and MMS, email facilities and push email as well as easily be used using this device. Office application uses Document To Go for .Doc, .Xls, and .Ppt files. With this facility we can easily open, create and edit files from this smart phone. For instant messaging, Curve 8900 uses BlackBerry Messenger application.

Thanks to the support of adopting HTML browser plus RSS. With that support, various sites on the internet can be opened as well as what is shown on a laptop or computer. Unfortunately, because it is not using 3G technology, we can only connect through EDGE and GPRS only.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin equipped with a wireless connection via bluetooth and Wi-Fi/WLAN 802.11b/g. As for exchanging data with a computer, the device is also equipped with a mini USB cable. Mini USB connection to the USB can be both for charging and data synchronization via BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Curve 8900 is equipped with 256 MB flash memory and external memory that support micro SD type. But unfortunately when we want to put our card we need to open the battery case because there was no slot that can be accessed from the side of this device.

Battery Performance
With 1400 mAh battery makes Curve 8900 able to works 5.5 hours of talk time and 14.5 hours of standby time. Charging process takes about two hours until the battery is fully charged.

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About the price, BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin price is about $399.25 USD (at Amazon store)


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neil said...

Ive had my BB 8900 now over 5 months and the thing that is really bugging me is people going on and on about the battery life on a blackberry her is a example on mine i have a 16gb memory card on mine 9gb used yes thats 9gb USED on films and music im...

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