Free Download Microsoft Word Portable Alternative Freeware

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Get the free download Microsoft word portable alternative software to support your office word document productivity anywhere you go. Note: Microsoft Office Word is a commercial software which is not distributed for free, so don’t bother to search the original free download Microsoft word portable because it is illegal & against the law. Instead of using the pricey commercial software, we better use the open source software. These office word portable freeware are legal download and completely free of charge.

These free download Microsoft Word portable-alternative software will be your solution for compatibility and flexibility. You can use it in any computer; save time and effort to create, access, edit, save and publish document files. All you need to run the software is your USB pen / flash drive.

Copy and install the free office word portable software into USB stick.

1. OpenOffice
Openoffice portable is the best solution for free office suite software (free word, excel, powerpoint, etc.). The OpenOffice WRITER (free word processor software) has the similar presence and features as Microsoft word. WRITER includes all basic functionalities of ms word plus some advanced features, such as export to PDF. Start from the version 3.0, it can also open Microsoft Word 2007 .docx files.

Free Download Microsoft Word Portable Alternative - OpenOffice Writer

Free Download OpenOffice 3.1.1 Portable (99MB download/248MB installed)
Work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Wine under Linux/UNIX
2. Abiword
As a free word processor, Abiword can work on multi-platform OS including Windows, Linux, QNX, FreeBSD or Solaris. Unlike OpenOffice, it is fairly a lightweight for free microsoft word portable app. You can install Abiword on your USB flash, iPod, portable hard drive or CD. It has compatibility with a number of document types including Microsoft Word, Open Document (, Office Open XML (Microsoft Word 2007), Word Perfect, Rich Text Format, HTML, and many more.

Free Microsoft Word Portable Download Alternative Freeware Abiword

Free Download Abiword 2.8.1 Rev2 Portable (6MB download/15MB installed)

3. SSuite Portable – Blade Runner
Blade Runner is portable office suite software based on SSuite Advanced Office pack. Its free word processor is WordGraph, able to open or create text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), microsoft word document (.doc), click here for more information about wordgraph.

Free Download Microsoft Word Portable alternative SSuite

Free Download SSuite Office Portable (13,9MB download/64MB installed)


Steve said...

Open Office is a great product, just used it tonight on the road when I didn't have MS products available.

Georgie Pie said...

I really like the BladeRunner portable office.

I tried it and was surprised at all the applications included, even has a tetris game to play with.

Thanks for the list. Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

I like work with MS Word,but today something must have happened and all my data was lost. But luckily a friend advised me this software - how to repair the ms word files,as he said the software was found on a soft blog. It restored my word info quite fast and made it free of charge as far as I kept in mind.

juliaroberts said...

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