Download Windows 7 Theme for XP

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Get the free download Windows 7 Theme for XP to dressing up your Windows XP, then feel the look and visual style of Win 7 on your WinXP operating systems. Although Windows 7 was launched some time ago, but until now many users are still using Windows XP. In my quest to find windows 7 themes for windows XP I have found some themes that are beautiful and attractive. For those who want to change the windows xp theme into windows 7, please take a look at these themes.

Download Windows 7 theme for XP

Free Download Windows 7 theme for XP - SevenVG RTM

Windows 7 SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP DOWNLOAD!

Download Windows 7 theme for Windows XP Free - SevenVG RTM Black

Windows 7 SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP DOWNLOAD!

Both themes are created by Vishal Gupta

How to install Windows 7 theme for XP?
1. First, download the Uxtheme multi-patcher, unzip the folder and run the patcher (double-click)
2. Download Windows 7 theme for XP, then unzip the folder.
3. Open the fonts folder and Install the fonts.exe
4. Open Styler folder and install (double click) the "First Install Me" and "Then Run Me" files.
5. Open Theme folder and install theme.exe
6. Now log off or restart your computer
7. You can change and manage your Windows XP theme or visual style using the styler application, select (double-click) the Windows 7 theme (see to the picture below!)

Download Windows 7 theme for Windows XP - Styler visual control

Please note that these themes are not working on Win Vista. I have installed all of windows 7 theme for xp, and they run well on my windows xp os.


Envelope Printing | said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing this. Actually downloaded this for my PC. It looks great, and I prefer the one with the normal taskbar. :D

rumah blogger said...

mau coba ah, thanx share nya ya

sabirinnet said...

informatif sekali, langsung saya download aja, kalo nggak dicoba nggak tahu nich. terima kasih atas ilmunya

CDMA Blackberry said...

nice article, this blog I bookmark

Praveen said...

Top 5 Themes For Windows Xp & Vista

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Swapnil said...

Thank it very cool and loop Same as Windows 7

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