Download Apple Magic Mouse Driver For Windows PC

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Apple magic mouse driver for windows PC is now available to download. Magic mouse is the latest apple’s innovation in pointing device, unlike any traditional mouse, it is a bluetooth mouse that uses the touch screen technology to perform commands and was claimed as the world’s 1st multitouch mouse. See apple magic mouse features here! However the price of Apple Magic Mouse is bit expensive ($69 in amazon) but it worth to enjoy the experience exploring your computer and the internet. In fact, this product is ranked on the 1st place bestselling product in Mice and Keyboard category.
Download Apple Magic Mouse Driver for Windows XP and Windows 7

Actually the magic mouse is designed to work only for new Mac computers / laptop. Now there is a driver exist to make it work in Windows platform (including Windows XP and Win 7). For those who want to try this driver, you can get a free download Apple Magic Mouse driver for Windows from uneasysilence


rumah blogger said...

wah ilmu tekhnologi yg mutakhir, saya download ya

sabirinnet said...

hebat mas ini, saya langsung ke tkp, mudahan berhasil aja, saya coba dulu ya

Letterhead Printing | said...

I really find the magic mouse cool, in terms of its appearance. Have you used it yourself? Some people are complaining about the contour of the mouse actually... :(

pera webbhotell said...

My story… windows xp sp3.
No problem installing Bluetooth. Other windows product are harder to install.
Then the UnEasySilence drive. But windows do not allow me to use the modified aple drive…
Now I have installed the sidwinder drives… but still not able to scroll….

Nail Art said...

where to found drivers.. Uneasy drivers are not working...

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