Download Free Opera 10.51 Fast Browser (Latest Version)

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Download Opera 10.51 Fast Browser for free. There are some developments on the final release Opera 10.51. Besides of all basic function of web browser application, it also offers you its unique features. The “unite” which has been introduced in the beta, now finally it out of beta. You can use unite feature on the left sidebar. With unite instant sharing, it enables you to share files or folders, photos and access music library with your friends without upload anything to a website, even you can host your own Web page directly from your browser. I have installed Opera 10.51 download on my computer and about the speed performance it is very fast in loading web pages when I switch on / enable the opera turbo.

Free Download Opera 10.51 Unite plus Review

The Opera 10.51 comes with new look and customizable. These include the Opera standard view plus few improvements on it. You can easily customize the skins / themes, speed dial, and add or remove button & toolbar with your own style. Customizable speed dial allows you to change the size of layout and background. Manage the speed dial and collect your favorite sites for quick access to visit them. Opera 10.51 browser also includes the integrated web search on the right side of address bar (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay and Shopping) gives you full support to find what you need on the internet.
The final release of Opera 10.51 download freeware browser also comes with built-in support for the social file distribution protocol, BitTorrent, which makes it easy to download torrent files without the need for a separate app. The standard download manager allows you to save files quickly, pause and resume downloads with the push of a button, and choose multiple files to download simultaneously without any fuss.

Free Download Opera 10.51 : click here!


rumah blogger said...

wah nambah ilmu lagi nich, mantap bro

sabirinnet said...

ijin download ya, mumpung masih disini..thanx

Meyliani said...

kalo fitur keunggulan sama mozilla apa aja yah? semenjak aku pake mozilla, udah lama gak pake opera lagi

Lowongan BUMN said...

wah mesti download nih, aku kangen juga pake opera & di laptop msh versi 9

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