Apple Magic Mouse - The First Multi-Touch Mouse In The World

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Apple Magic Mouse - The World's First Multi-Touch MouseApple Magic Mouse. Apple never stops to innovate its products. Recently, Apple updated some of its products, one of their newly product is the Magic Mouse. This mouse appears as a substitute for Mighty Mouse. If the Mighty Mouse is still use one button, this time Apple does not include any button on the Magic Mouse. There is Multi-Touch capabilities in this mouse, this feature is similar to the iPhone multitouch capabilities. To make a click, the user need only touch the surface of this mouse. Apple Magic Mouse price is $69 US Dollars.

Mouse-named "Magic Mouse" has a touch screen technology which is also implemented on the iPhone and iPod touch. This is the first Multi-Touch Mouse innovation in the world. Magic Mouse on the surface is smooth body just like a mouse without buttons. but actually this is the sophisticated touch screen. Magic Mouse recognize some combination of finger movements to perform commands, such as click, right click, scroll, screen and some other functions. This is what distinguishes Apple Magic Mouse from other mouse.

This mouse uses Bluetooth to connect to your Mac computer. So you do not have to mess with cables, it is very suitable if combined with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. So your computer desk will be free from cables that are not practical.
Apple Magic Mouse - The World's First Multi-Touch Mouse
Apple Magic Mouse uses powerful laser tracking sensors that have a more sensitive sensor and responsive. By using this sensor Magic Mouse can be used over the surface of the table without a mouse pad. Magic Mouse activated by two AA batteries, and Apple says that it can work for about four months.
Apple Magic Mouse - The First Multi-Touch Mouse In The World


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