Windows XP Themes Free Download

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Still using Windows XP? boring with standard Windows XP themes? I am still using Windows XP too :D , in this post I would like to share some themes to make your fresh. Here are lists Windows XP themes, free download Windows XP themes and change your current theme.

1. Windows 7 theme for Windows XP
Maybe Windows 7 has a better and fresh themes, but if you don't have it on your computer you can dress up your Win XP themes to be look like Win 7 :D
Update : if you have Windows 7 you can download Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Download Windows XP themes - Windows 7

2. Windows Vista Theme

Windows XP Themes Free Download - Windows Vista

3. Aquanox Themes

Windows XP Themes Free Download - Aquanox

4. Feminine Rosebud theme

Windows XP Themes Free Download - Rosebud

5. Royale Hybrid Theme

Windows XP Themes Free Download - Royale Hybrid

Update : Get more free Windows 7 theme for XP download !


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