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Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Microsoft Office Visio is a software to draw flowchart, plan diagrams, electric diagrams, chart, process, layout, class and network diagram, etc. This is perfect software to create and save diagrams to represent your project planning and thought. As a part of ms office, it is not free to use it. You need to spend hundreds to get the commercial Microsoft Office Visio. If you want to save your money, you can download free Microsoft Office Visio alternative software. There is one freeware Visio software that has basic ability similar to Ms Visio, it is Dia software. Dia was developed by and it provides more than enough tools to draw diagrams. Basics diagram components are available, such as boxes, ellipses, polygons, and sticky connecting lines and arrows. The best feature is its ability to crate layers, thus you can create diagram and sub-diagram (as a part of main diagram). It is totally free and legal to free download Microsoft Office Visio, download Dia software :D

Dia software download link for free Download Microsoft Visio alternative:

There is also a web-based online software as an alternative for Microsoft Office Visio, it is Gliffy. You can use it for free as long as you have an internet connection :D
Gliffy, Web Based Visio Software :


visio free download said...

Microsoft Office Visio diagrams turn complicated ideas, text, and tables into easy-to-understand visuals that communicate information at a glance.

dave said...

Another online Visio alternative is Lucid Chart. Works like a charm.

Anonymous said...

I've found yet another alternative - - it's a free online service which I use for diagram building, mind-mapping, web-page prototyping and some other purposes.

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