Add Adsense In The Middle Of Blogger Post

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
How to add adsense ads in the middle of blogger posts? Can blogger blog show ads in the middle of blog post? Yup, and you can decide / set up exactly on where do you want adsense ads to show up inside your blog post. As I already discussed the past adsense trick article, adsense publishers that use blogger blogspot platform try to implement this trick (adsense inside blog posts) to increase adsense clicks to earn more money. Now I will explain how to make adsense ads shown up in the middle of blog post. Hope the result of this trick will be effective for you to earn more clicks from adsense :)

how to add adsense ads in the middle of blog post

1. Log in to blogger account
2. Go to Layout - Edit HTML - Click (tick) Expand Widget Templates
3. Find and replace <data:post.body/> with this code :
<div expr:id='"aim1" +'></div>

<div style="clear:both; margin:10px 0">



<div expr:id='"aim2" +'>



<script type="text/javascript">
var obj0=document.getElementById("aim1<>");
var obj1=document.getElementById("aim2<>");
var s=obj1.innerHTML;
var\x3C!-- adsense --\x3E/igm);
if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+16);}

You should change YOUR ADSENSE CODE AFTER PARSE HERE !!! with your adsense code. To parse your adsense code, simply go to and parse your adsense code.
Note : If you have read more hack installed, you will find 2 (two) code of <data:post.body/> change / replace the first one!

4. Save your template !

5. How to make it shows in the middle of your post:
create a new post, write an article and when you finished your article, insert this tag <!-- adsense --> in the middle of your article (example : after the first paragraph)
Note : If you didn't put <!-- adsense --> tag in your post, by default adsense ads will show up below the post title.
Now publish your new post and see whether adsense ads in the middle of blogger post is worked.


WTF said...

More interesting.

marifen said...

Wish you a lovely start of the week :) happy monday!

dhemz said...

great to be here..thanks for the visit!

The Arabic Student said...

I read that ads in the middle of posts get more clicks. I'll have to try it out and see. Thanks much.

The Arabic Student said...

So I followed the instructions and they work. The only problem is that it will work on the first post on the page and display the ad, but every post below that it just has a big blank space where the ad should be. Any idea how to fix that?

The Arabic Student said...

I'm guessing that the code works on your site because you can only see one post on the page at a time. Any help you can give would be great.

The Arabic Student said...

I forgot to add that you can see how the code looks by going to my blog

angga said...

@ above
Hi, to solve your problem, u have to enable "read more" feature on your blog. you can use blogger jump break or "read more" hack.

please read this article :

For Example :
if you use blogger "read more" hack, you can put the <!-- adsense --> tag after <span class="fullpost">

If you use "jump break" feature, you can put the <!-- adsense --> tag after <!-- more --> tag

The Arabic Student said...

Thanks very much for the info on my problem! Very beneficial!

Boffill said...

This one doesn't work in my blog. I hope there's a work around somehow. Thanks anyway.

BnD said...

Thank's ya Angga....;)

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang said...

I feel lucky can read this useful news. Now I find something what i want to know.
Thank you for this great information..:)

Meyliani said...

I think putting the code in the post is a good idea. because readers will assume it is part of our posts and not our advertising

Download Tibia Client said...

Great explanation. :)

KuTenk 2000 said...

Thanks Angga. It works well. But it is shown on every posts. How can I disable the display of adsense on selected posts (ie: for paid review post)?

Angga said...

@ above
you can't disable individual post showing adsense, it affects to all posts.

For paid post, you can put the adsense in the bottom / end of your article.

Study & Scholarships said...

Angga, this is a very great post. I have been looking for a post like this for ages; and the sweet thing is that it works great on my site (check it out at

But i have one big problem.

I need my adsense ads to show up at the END of my posts by default i.e. if i don't insert the tag, i want my ads showing at the end of my posts instead of on top of the posts under the title.

I tried editing the html code you gave on my own but the tag stopped working when i insert it into my posts.

Please, how do i acheive this? Thanks in advance

Angga said...

@ above
hi, if you want to show your ads at the end of article (by default), don't use this trick

parse your adsense code and then put your adsense code after this tag: <data:post.body/> or <p><data:post.body/></p>

here is the full tutorial:

Study & Scholarships said...

Angga i appreciate your prompt reply.

I'd previously gone thru your site and read the link you gave.

HOWEVER, i want the flexibility of deciding where to place my ads in SOME posts, instead of having all ads at the end of ALL posts.

Are you saying there is no hack that allows ads to show at the end of posts (by default), and yet allows me the flexibility of using the tag within some posts?

Thanks in advance for your time

Angga said...

@ above
unfortunately the JS will affect to all post, you can't disable / enable adsense on selected posts.

I don't have a deep knowledge in JavaScript language so my apologize in your case I can't provide you with the solution.

in your case I guess (maybe) the key is on the "IF" statement

if (condition){code to be executed if condition is true} else {code to be executed if condition is not true}

and maybe you'll need additional VAR declaration to stop adsense execution.

Study & Scholarships said...

Thanks, but u probably didnt understand me and my problem well.

I dont want to disable adsense on any post. NO, i wouldnt want that in any case.

What i want is for adsense to show up at END of posts by default (instead of at the top i.e. under title), and also for tag to work so i can place adsense WITHIN some posts (not disable them).

Even if u aint gat the answers, thanks all the same.

Vikas said...

Can you make it ads by default. for e.g. that ads come after 1st paragraph and I don't need to add any code in each post like in case of wordpress its done like this :

", $content);
for ($i = 0; $i


} ?>

can you develop something like this for blogger blogs where once ad code posted in automatically comes in middle of post.
hope you got my point.


beautiful_car said...

Thank you!

speak_english said...

Thank you, is it against adsense policy?

Randeep said...

Nice post. Great help. Thanks buddy

Samuel adeniyi said...


Bob said...

Hi, thanks for sharing this. I've got it perfectly working on my blog.

randolph pereira said...

check this trick in action on my blog

Parse Google AdSense Code N Tips said...

Add Adsense In The Middle Of Blogger Post but before you have need parse the adsense code so parse your adsense code here now....

Tagalog Love Quotes said...

Thanks for the tut. im wondering if its not against google tos?

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