Duplicate Meta Tag Description Problem

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
What the meaning of duplicate meta tag description here is : if you put custom meta tags in your blogger / blogspot blog as I discuss in the past meta tag article, your blog will have same description tag in both of homepage and post pages. The meta description will be replicated to all pages within your blog. In this condition, lets say that you input keywords in search engine and you find some of your blog pages, the result would be your page urls and search engine will show the same description tag on all pages. Then how to set / customize meta tag description so your blog will not have duplicate meta tag description?

There are two alternatives to solve this problem, first (# 1) set the meta tag description so it doesn't appear on all post pages, and second (# 2) set dynamic meta description - so on each post pages has a unique description tag.

Alternative # 1
In this first alternative setting, homepage still has the meta description but this will remove meta description on all post pages.
Remove or change the old meta tag description with this code :
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>
<meta content='YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE !!!' name='description'/>
Change "YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE!!!" with your blog description.

Alternative # 2
Dynamic meta tag description will allow your blog to have unique (different) description tag on each post / pages.
Remove your old meta tag description and / or change it with this code:
<meta name='description' expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle + &quot;, YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE &quot;'/>
You have to change "YOUR BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE" with your blog description (you can use comma as separator)

Which one is the best?
Logically, the first alternative will let search engine spider to decide the description for each post pages. The second alternative will use page / post title plus homepage description as description tag for each post pages. I don't know exactly which one is the best, but based on my experience I'd rather to choose the # 1 alternative to overcome duplicate meta tag description problem. In my opinion this would be good to increase SERP although it is still not enough. To rank well in search engine, backlink is very important and you have to do SEO on page and off page optimization (but not over optimize), also update your blog continuously (by writing original and quality content).

- Please read also my article about meta tag and meta tag 2
- If you use Mozilla Firefox you can check your blog description by right click on the page area and choose / click "view page info"


ierone @ myblog4famouser.com said...

saya dulu pernah dapat script biar meta tag di blogger bisa beda-beda tiap halaman.

tapi lupa uiy dapat dimana :(

Marq | Brochure Printing said...

Cool! it makes blogs more SEO friendly :D
It's funny (and quite senseless), really, when a blogpost has a tag that has no relation whatsoever to it :P

susan said...

nice posting :)

meria said...

hi.. angga nice post, i learn more about blog on your blog.. thank's alot.. and don't forget to follow and comments back to my blog.. finally i have a blog hi.. hi.. thank's

A said...

thanks you dear angga for this lovely post it really helps for me i have done the same thing which you said in this post. now google is indexing everything for me for example when i publish new post google index my post in 6 mins thats really great thanks for the info again.

panduan bisnis online gratis said...

is that for blogspost platform?
what about wordpress?
couse i use it for my site.

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