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Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
May be you already know / heard about adsense, but let we start from the introduction to adsense. Adsense is one method of advertising program that run by agent, for example : Google Adsense, Bidvertiser etc. To simplify the explanation, you must know that there are at least three parties that involved in adsense. First the advertiser, second is the publisher and third is the agent who manage adsense program.

Advertiser could be a personal or organization that need to introduce or offer their product or service to public, they need promotion and to advertise their stuff via targeted market. In internet world they promote their website link to be recognize by the public.

Same as advertiser, publisher also could be a personal or organization. In publisher's point of view, Adsense is the program that can give them advertising revenue from each page on their website or blog with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. Adsense can generate revenue even when you are asleep.

Targeting Adsense: for example article in your blog is about making money. Then, ads that shown in your blog is about making money (see figure above). AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content.

So how would you like to use the internet to generate a passive income that builds even when you are asleep? This is no get rich scheme, on the contrary it will take some time to develop the income stream especially if starting from a brand new website. The answer is to become an Adsense publisher and display Adsense ads on your web pages that are relevent to your content and thus provide a service to your readers and also provide you with an income stream.

How to become an google adsense publisher and start generating income?

Become a publisher is very simple. First, you must have a website / blog (using english) then you must register, take a single online application plus submit your website. After your registration is complete, submit it and wait for approval from adsense program. Once your application is approved you can start viewing ads in your website. When visitors visit your website and found relevant ads that he/she need in your website, visitors will click the ads and they will directed to advertiser website. Thus you earn from that clicks (Pay Per Click). Whenever someone clicks on an advert, your Adsense account gets credited with a few cents. Dependent on how much the advertiser is paying. As stated above, this is no quick result but more a structured approach to generating value both for the internet and yourself. Note that you may not clicking ads on your website or ordering people to click your ads because it can cause you a trouble, the worst scenario you could be banned for that. If you do intend to become an Adsense publisher then please do this in an ethical manner, click fraud is becoming a big issue and Adsense program are extremely active in identifying and stopping this practice (which this site agrees with).

One adsense ID also could be used in to many website, cause maybe you have more than 1 website or blog. Thus it gives you opportunities to earn more. Provide your website or blog with valuable information (related with your website/blog title) and try to get more traffic for your websites, because it can maximize your earning.

To start earning with adsense program you can join Google adsense program (it still the best I think), you will paid by check. Bidvertiser is also good enough, you can be paid via PayPal or check. If you interested to join bidvertiser you can click on the bidvertiser banner on the top right of this page, you'll be directed to bidvertiser website. Okay, if you want to be publisher now, just try it. :)


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