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Internet business model have been very popular today. Internet is like a big cake for all business performers, then we call it online business. As we know, online business model is very diverse. There are many business model you can choose. When you choose to involved in online business, I think it is better for you to focus on one or two business model (not all) because the key to success is focus on the business that you do. Diversification is a good thing as long as you are able to manage it and not overwhelmed. Identified the kind of business online, you can choose which one is suitable for you, save your time and energy to learn and conduct business model that fit with you since the beginning. I believed that before you find the best online business model, you need to learn and need some times to observe which one is the most suitable for you.

Though that there are many popular online business model, basically we can classified them. At least there are 5 (five) major online business model on the internet.

1. Sell Your Own Product
You can sell your own products (your online store), whether from your own production or product from another person that you stock. This category is a business model in the earliest time on the internet and this category is the most popular business model on the internet now. Products that are sold can be either tangible products and digital products or intangible product, such as MP3, ringtone, software, ebook, membership, and others.

2. Sell Your Own Service
This category is a business model that thrive at this time. Generally you are selling something of skill or expertise that you have. People (that need your service) will pay for your expertise. For example: create a website services, services, create ebook, create a computer program, create a logo design / banner, article writing services, translation services, services to be a virtual personal assistant, virtual office services, SEO services, PPC advertising management services and others. All services and transactions are not directly face to face, all conducted virtually through the internet.

3. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is to sell products or give product / service reference (from seller / store / company) to peoples with compensation commission for each sales transaction (pay per sale), for any leads / prospects are given (pay per lead) or for each click made (pay-per-click). MLM or Network marketing that running online is also include in affiliate marketing category.

4. Contextual Advertising
Contextual advertising is a category business model where you have a website with certain content / information that has many daily visitors. You get money / earnings from your contextual ad, adsense in the form of text ads, banners or videos that are relevant to the content of your website. For example, your website is about financial management, including risk management, portfolio management, insurance and others. So the ads that will appear on your website are related to financial management services such as insurance, financial or asset management, risk management and others.

5. Site Flipping
Site flipping is a business model that has activities buy and sell websites. Website is an asset, it is like a house. Some people create a website on a purpose, to sell it latter. There are many people who purchase a website that still have low value, they optimized websites so that the sale value is more higher.

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Masih nyubi nich, blom terlalu paham bisnis di internet. btw, makasih ya infonya :)

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sebut soal internet business apa sih yang aku harus bicarakan. pengalaman aja belum sampe 3 bulan. cuma ikutan agar bisa faham sikit-sikit.

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UPrinting said...

Nice post on the different online business models. The web is really a powerful tool to market and sell one's business. This post would help in classifying and analyzing what the models are of the different businesses in the internet, so this is very useful. Thanks again!

Rudolph said...

Interesting post.

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