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Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Adding social bookmark to blogger blogspot blog can be done easily, you do not need to know such complicated HTML / javascript code. Social bookmark button is a tool for you and your visitor to submit or bookmark (save) your article / web pages on the internet (that is social bookmark sites). Yes, not only you can submit your article, if your visitors like to read your article and they want to save and share with others, they can save / share it with this button. Why submitting your article to social bookmark sites? because your blog can get free backlinks from them. Not only that, it can also generates traffic to your blog. Let's say that you have an interesting (quality) article that what most people looking for, and you save your article in social bookmarking sites... well.. don't get surprised if you get lots of visitors :) they will visit your blog to read your article & looking more information from your blog.

No need knowledge in HTML / Javascript code means that you can use the script from third party. There are many third party sites that can provide you the button. How to add social bookmark button to your blogspot blog? All you can do is simply add the script to your blog. In this tutorial we will learn to install the social bookmark button on each blog posts. Before we start, make sure that your blog has "Read More" feature.

Two sites that I can recommend you are (need to create an account) and (do not need to create an account). Both are free..

Button from
social bookmark addthis button

Button from (Share and Subscribe Button)
social bookmark addtoany button

For example, we will install the button code from With addtoany you can install social bookmark button and subscribe button.

1. Go to

2. Choose whether you want to create share button or subscribe button

3. Create your button
For share button :
Fill the form, button style, "Page Name" and "Page Url" then click "Get Code"
For subscribe button :
Fill the form, button style, "Feed Name" and "Feed Url" (example: then click "Get Code"

4. Install your code
Log in to your account - Go to Layout section - Edit HTML (click expand template widget), and don't forget to backup your template!
Search this code <p><data:post.body/></p>
Copy the code from and paste it after (below) this code <p><data:post.body/></p>

5. Save your template and see the result :)

NOTE : Want to add BIG Social Bookmark Button?

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keduax sob ..
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manteb bener tuh tipsnya ...
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Seri said...

whats a coincedence for me to come across this article of yours. actually i forgot how to install the code correctly. thanks for your article pal.

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ada award buat anda..silakan diambil

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wah boleh jg nih,,tak cobain dulu sob ^^

UPrinting said...

Social bookmarking can be very helpful indeed in getting backlinks and in promoting one's blog and articles. Especially if you have great content, people will really share your posts and tweet about it. Thanks for posting this really helpful tool :)

TeamCreatives said...

This article is a big help for those who wants to include Social Bookmark buttons to their blog both beginners and advance bloggers alike. Great addition for blogs that contains great articles and blog post to be easily bookmarked.

Diah said...

Do you've tried this, I found on Facebook a news social bookmark application named TagNews. =>

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Nice Thanks

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thanks gan...sangat membantu

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