Online business... Why not ?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Internet has been growing rapidly. The need of business and information technology become the trigger to the internet development. I think internet business will become more important in the future. Especially for marketing activity. Internet provide a wide range audience that is important for marketing. You can introduce your product, advertise and sell your product to your customer through the internet. The way we do a business will become more efficient, quick and more cut at the cost. Internet is a great investment for business !!!

Time has change to modern era and the way people to looking for money also has change. Now, looking for money in the internet is not hard, it become more easier, even for personal or newbie. Of course there are no quick way to earn big money in short time on the internet, still need a lot of effort to success on online business and please remind that online business still have some risk. But at least making money through the internet is more possible than yesterday. So, what are the benefit of online business model ?

Here I cite from, e-course day 1 by Sukarto (Indonesia e-book). Why online business is the best business model compare with other business model :
  1. Flexibility - You can operate, supervise and do your business everytime, everywhere whenever you want as long as you have an internet connection.
  2. Low cost - Low startup, operational, marketing / advertising cost. You can cut off your business cost as low as possible, depending on your need. Compare you start a conventional business, you can imagine how expensive to start a conventional business.
  3. Full / semi automated business - you can automated your business. Online business is like a miracle, do not need many employees, you can reduce your cost, only need few amount of time to spare to manage your business.
Source :
e-course day1-mindset, e-book taken from


timetobusiness said...

online business, thats the innovation of business

fajardesign said...

bisnis online..duit sampingan :D

Jack Travis said...


Yes, online business has gained a huge popularity nowadays... It may be easy to set up an online business but it is indeed little bit difficult to make it grow... Once you get to know that trick, it will become easy from there. Indeed very interesting article, keep up the good work.

Web Hosting FAQ said...

Exactly nowadays the online market has become so vast that there are no of ways to make money from them. If you have a website or you maintain a blog in a some common site you can make accordingly. Google Ad words is also something nice. All they have an extreme tendancy to make a big on limited time.

To Make Money On Internet said...

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