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Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
download pacman flash | Play Pac-Man OnlinePacman has been existed since 1980, until now it is no doubt one of the most popular classic-arcade game ever and still has a lot of fans from around the world, even Google created a special doodle for its search engine site in the 30th celebration of Pac-Man birthday. This game was originally created and introduced by Namco in the early 1980s. SWF Pacman flash game is another creation / clone version (made by fans) of the original Pac-Man game. If you love the game, in this blog post you can play Pacman flash online, in addition you can also get the freeware Pacman flash free download at the end of this post, so don’t forget to bookmark this page :)

This Pac-man flash SWF can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms because it created in Adobe Flash, so you just need a flash player or use your internet browser to play it. The sounds, graphics and game-play are pretty similar with the original PacMan game.

Playing this game is very simple, your mission is to guide Pacman around the maze to eat all the little dots and avoid the ghosts before you go to the next level. There are four special dots on each corner that can give Pacman the ability to eat the ghosts. Occasionally a fruit appears which gives you a bonus score when eaten. Keep the pacman alive, on some levels you can get a live bonus.

Play Pacman Flash Online

Use your keyboard arrow keys (left – right – up – down) to control Pacman movement.
P: pause/unpause the game
Q: quit game
M: mute/unmute sound
L: low quality on/off

Download Pacman Flash

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