Enable Lyrics in Winamp and WMP With Lyrics Plugin (Free)

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
When you are listening to your favorite MP3 songs in WinAmp or WMP you might be wondering how to show the song’s lyrics? Actually it is very easy. Here I would like to share a free plugin for you, called Lyrics Plugin. All you have to do is install the lyrics plugin for Winamp and Windows Media Player to enable the players to show lyrics of the MP3 songs. Lyrics Plugin is 100% free download and use, and compatible with all windows PCs. You don’t need any additional software to make it works.

By using the plugin you can say goodbye to manual search. How to use it? Download Lyrics Plugin for Winamp and WMP (choose one of them) – install it to your computer – open the winamp player / WMP – load and play your MP3 songs. Lyrics Plugin will automatically display the lyrics of the song being played in your music player.

Here is the screen shoot of Lyrics Plugin in action

download Lyrics Plugin - show lyrics in WinAmp and WMP
Click the picture to enlarge! In the example above I play FIFA World Cup 2010 theme song MP3 in my WinAmp player and the plugin will immediately show the lyrics, interesting isn’t it?

Lyrics Plugin uses its online library to search the lyrics so internet connection is required to load the lyrics. And one more, your music file should be tagged properly (contains information about the song), at least it should have song’s title file name.

Interested? Then you've to try it! Download Lyrics Plugin to show lyrics in WinAmp and Windows Media Player, 100% free.


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