How to Crop or Cut an Image in Microsoft Word?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Do you know how to crop an image in Microsoft word? Lets assume that you have an image which contains 2 objects (in one picture) side by side, you want to insert it to your microsoft word document but actually you want to remove one of those objects so the final result will be only one object in one image. Yes, it is true that you can crop the image with a photo editor software before you insert it, but how if you don’t have any photo/picture editor installed in your computer? In the situation like this you can crop or cut a picture in Microsoft Office Word document (directly). Okay so this trick is simple but very useful and effective, especially if you don’t have a picture editor installed in your PC.

Below is a tutorial on how to crop a picture in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, just follow to these few necessary steps:

1. Insert your picture. Choose Insert tab – Picture from the ribbon menu. In the example below I use Samsung Monte picture, front and back view
The Format/Picture Tools tab will be activated (automatically)

2. From the Format tab, click Crop item menu.

crop an image in microsoft word

3. Click (and hold) your mouse on any sides of your image – move/drag your mouse – and then release your mouse to see the result.

how to cut a picture in ms word 2007

4. And this is the result

crop an image in microsoft word 2010

That is it! Now I have successfully cut or crop an image in Microsoft Word.


solusi berpromosi said...

Lho, ternyata caranya mudah ya. trims tipsnya yg bagus.
Salam dari surabaya.
A Fauzi

Alex said...

Today I have known about my sister problem's. She had a problem with word files. But luckily I entered the I-net and by chance detected - word repair tools. The software quickly solved my trouble easy. What is more I recommended it my friend.

Anonymous said...


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