Yahoo Messenger 10 Download for Mac and Windows

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Yahoo Messenger 10 Download for Mac and Windows, final version (compatible with windows 7). As you know, YM is one of the most popular chat tools, it is free download and now the Yahoo Messenger 10 is out of Beta! I have recently installed the new YM 10 final on my windows pc. There are some improvements on the final version such as high-quality video call, new Yahoo Updates and choose Yahoo Messenger in your language. Also some bugs have been fixed related to the new high-quality video call.

Features on Yahoo Messenger 10 Final

Yahoo Messenger in Your Language
Before you log in, you can select your language to use in Yahoo Messenger 10. There are 16 languages available on the screen. You can also change the language via the preference menu.

Yahoo Updates
There is a change on the visual status; now it is much more twitter-like interface. Users can share their status updates via IM, even they can share twitter content (what they are saying), flickr, blog, read on Yahoo Buzz, listen to and much more.
High-Quality Video Call
Video Call now comes with a better quality. The video call button located on the top left window, make it easier for users to interact with each other for free. When a video call took place the user can re-size the video window. Not only that, there are also some options on video call including swap, mute and hold, even now video call can be done in full-screen.

Some changes on Yahoo Messenger 10 final indicate that it is not only an ordinary chatting tool. It provides users with advanced communication and data transfer tools such as video, voice calls and files. Furthermore, Yahoo Messenger 10 also provides users with social networking functionalities such as the ability to sharing updates with family, friends and colleagues. If you are interested, you can get a free download the final version via the links below:

Yahoo Messenger 10 Download For Mac and Windows


CDMA Blackberry said...

I ever try install YM to Mac, but not good and something error

Louise | said...

Isn't YM 10 out of beta for a long time now? Well... I actually prefer the older version. I hate the blue "is now typing" message. The previous' version was better.

seo manchester said...

If you are using the New yahoo mail it has messenger built into it and if someone logs into it with the same ID as you are logged into it with from another PC then you will still get that warning even if you have uninstalled the regular messenger.

Cosmetic Makeover said...

when signing into messenger from your phone your cell phone number is never displayed to your friends. On their list it may say you are mobile but your number is completely private.

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