Must Have "Free Blog Stats" To Monitoring Your Blog

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Free Web Stats or Blog Stats are very useful to monitoring and evaluating your blog / web performance. Usually we can use Google analytic to monitor our blog's performance. But to see it we have to log in to Google account. So, how about the other tools? free tools that can shows our blog's performance without log in? There are many tools we can use to track / record our blog. I use them too, but not much (as you can see in my blog's footer). Too much free blog stats can make our blog slow loading, so just choose few of them, choose the best ones. So what are the best ones? I think they must meet some criteria below :

1. Small and Simple, sometimes big is not always beautiful huh? sometimes small is beautiful... well it depends on in what matter? in this matter I'd rather to choose small chicklet
2. Not too much and not making your blog slow loading, too much JavaScript is not good right?
3. Choose the ones which have the most complete features.

For free blog stats I recommend the sites below :

Sitemeter is one of blog stat tools that has a complete features, even for basic users / free signups. It tracks your daily visitors, visits and page views, traffic prediction, who's on, site referrer (from where visitors come from), etc. Plus you will get your blog's monthly report. Lots of reports from sitemeter, so complete, nothing more to say.

free blog stats sitemeter

To sign up go to , click sign up for Sitemeter basic, fill the registration form. After signup click manage to get chicklet / tracking code. Then, install the tracking code into your blog. Another alternative to get your blog's report is HiStats. is a free live webstat tools to see how many visitors are currently on your blog. They have original widget (counter chicklet) and map widget. Map widget shows where all the past and current visitors come from.
free blog stats whos amung us
No need registration to get this free live webstat tools, just go to , copy and paste the code into your blog.

Feedjit provides free widget to tracking your blog, this include Live Traffic Feed (recommended), Live Traffic Map, Recommended Reading, and Page Popularity.

free blog stats feedjit

To install feedjit into your blog go to - click Widgets - choose widget to copy - paste the codes into your blog.

Alexa site info and Google PR status
It is not a bad idea to show your Alexa rank and Google pagerank status in your blog. If you have a good blog (high rank & PR) don't be ashamed to show off your blog alexarank and Google pagerank. To get alexa widget go to To get Google pagerank chicklet go to

How about you? please share your experience to us :)


ierone @ said...

for statistic i use 4 service such as sitemeter, whos amung us, g analytics, and indostats

Print Brochures | said...

Wow cool! :D I've used some programs to monitor, but I've never used this one before. I'll definitely give this one a try :)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i used most of them ...except for

Honey PR3 said...

hi,xlink with my PR3 blog?I added ur link :) add me too,buddy..

lady said...

your tipsvery helpfull

Team Creatives said...

Possibly the best one among them is Sitemeter. Their results are very comprehensive and quite complete. On the other hand, Feedjit is good if you want quick results.

cheap computers said...

I think they must meet some criteria mentioned above.

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