BlackBerry Curve 8900 Amosu - The Most Expensive Blackberry In The World

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
blackberry curve 8900 amosu the most expensive blackberryBlackBerry Curve 8900 Amosu soon will be the most expensive Blackberry in the World. Yup, as you can see to the figure on the side, according to its maker, Alexander Amosu (the famous designer from U.K), BlackBerry smartphones curve 8900 is the world's most expensive blackberry.

Although there has been no confirmation that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is the most expensive in the world, but at a price of $240.000 U.S. dollars, it seems that it would be the most expensive candidates. Amosu spent about 350 hours to create a special version of the BlackBerry Curve with 18-carat yellow gold and 4459 diamonds (with a total weight of 28.43 carats).
Amosu Company, Alexander Amosu Ltd., This company known as a maker of high-end gadgets and devices. In addition it is also known as the maker of products at prices far too expensive. An example is the suit that was announced recently for $112.000 U.S dollar, which is claimed as the most expensive clothes in the world.

Like a premium product, this BlackBerry Curve 8900 special edition will be available in limited quantities. Interestingly, there would be only 3 pieces to be sold. One of them had already been bought by a mystery buyer from the Middle East.

With $240.000 U.S. dollars at its price, buyers can personalize the display name or company logo and also after sales services applicable globally and exclusively. Want to see more detail such a way as expensive BlackBerry, please visit the following pages.

amosu blackberry curve 8900

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