How To Put Youtube Video On Blogger Blog

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Put youtube video on blogger is very simple. You can embed youtube video on blog areas such as sidebar, posts, featured section etc. It is useful to attract / inform your reader with clear explanation. Use and embed youtube video clip music, video tutorials, breaking news video and others to share. So if words and picture are not enough why don't you provide the video? You can see an example on my blog posts : adam air and jw marriott.

Then lets try to put youtube video on blogspot blog :

1. First, find the video you want to put on your blog. For example you want to put blogger tutorial video as the image below depict :

put youtube video on blog

2. Take a look at the top sidebar, you can see video's URL and embed code

how to put youtube video on blogger

Copy "embed code"

3. Log in to blogger account

If you want to put YouTube video on post, create new post - choose Edit HTML mode - then paste "embed code" - Save / publish your post

how to put video youtube on blog

If you want to put youtube video on sidebar, go to Layout - Page Element - Add A Gadget - Choose HTML/JavaScript - then paste "embed code" - Save

Now you have an embedded video on your blog :)

Related to this topic, you can also download Youtube video and save it into your computer :D


UPrinting said...

A really quick and thorough tutorial on how how to put a Youtube video on a Blogger blog. This is perfect especially for beginners who have only started with their blogs. Certainly a very helpful tip, thanks for sharing this!

Amira Putri said...

very helpful!!!

diah said...

thanks ^^

lizzy said...

thank you for sharing this!

lizzy said...

thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

thz !!!

How to Make a Difference said...

how do i make the video on blogger smaller?

birs gonzo said...

very great

Humayun Rock said...

Thanks to share very helpful.

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