How To Download Youtube Video With SaveMedia?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
How To Download Youtube Video? :D this is actually a very old trick and I am sure that some of you already know how to do it. There are many tools or even some sites on the net can offered you to save video from Youtube. I have been trying some of them and now I have my favorite tools. You might be also have your own favorites tools / sites... Well that's okay, but in this post I just want to share my favorite tools to save a video from Youtube, that is SaveMedia.

SaveMedia, why I use this tool to save Youtube Video? because it is easy to use and no need to install the program (it uses executable file). Moreover, I can choose the video quality (normal, HQ FLV, HQ MP4 and HD format quality) and also convert the video on different format (flv, mp3, and wmv). Another SaveMedia specialty is the ability to download videos from other video sites, for example from Rapidshare, Tudos, Newgrounds and Vimeo. Cool isn't it? So, if you are interested you can download this tool from this url : (just copy and paste the url to new tab/windows or you can download it with your download manager).
How to use it? first, you have to download SaveMedia zip files, and then you have to extract the zip files into new folder. Open the folder containing the extracted files and double click savemedia application file.

To download a video from Youtube, just copy and paste the video url. Open "options" menu to choose the video quality. And choose whether you want to convert the video formats.

How to download Video from Youtube
Already sets your customization? okay now click the download button, and wait the SaveMedia to save / download the video. Now you're done :D


Brochure Printing said...

Cool! I've been stuck with for a long time now, and I'm having a hard time since it's not a program, and the convert often experience errors. Thanks for sharing this program! :D

googleum said...

use this tool
fast and easy save youtube video ;))

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