Paid To Put PerfectMoney Logo - I Just Got $30

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
PerfectMoney is a payment processor, it is almost similar with PayPal, AlertPay etc. PerfectMoney has some programs, the most interesting one for me is "Paid to put PerfectMoney logo". I already have an account there and follow one of their program, that is "Reward to site owners with logo of Perfect Money" or paid to put logo program. When I sign up with PerfectMoney and submit to "paid to put logo" program, actually I don't care about it. I put their logo on my blog (since last month - July 09) and then do nothing. In the next month they pay me $30 because I put PerfectMoney logo on Angga Weblog (PR3)... whew.. not bad :D So, what are you waiting for? sign up to PerfectMoney now and earn money for free with paid to put logo program.

Here is the proof :

Pay to put logo PerfectMoney

I put PerfectMoney logo on my PR3 blog so they pay me 3 x $10 = $30. For example, if you have PR4 blog then you will earn 4 x $10 = $40 per month. If you have PR5 blog, you will earn $50 per month.

Why PerfectMoney?
1. No verification, unlike PayPal which need Credit Card verification
2. Perfect Money accounts bring profits, offering 7% interest rate.
3. You will get $0,05 per referral signup and 1% per referral transaction.
4. Other features go to
5. Bloggers and Webmaster can make money from "Pay To Put Logo PerfectMoney" program

How To Put PerfectMoney Logo?
1. Create your PerfectMoney account and log in to your account

2. Go to your account - scroll down and you will see "PM for Business" link - Click it

how to put perfectmoney logo

Click (check) "Reward to site owners with logo of PerfectMoney" program and put your blog's URL

reward to put logo perfectmoney

Continue your registration. Once it's finished they will check your blog. You will need to wait at least in 1 x 24 hours. Once they approved your blog you have to put 150 x 75 px PerfectMoney logo on your blog. Go to "Affiliate Program" link to get your banner and affiliate link. For example:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" width="150" src="" height="75"/></a>

Where account is your Member ID in their system.

3. For blogger user - Go to your blogger account - Go to Layout - Add A Gadget - Choose HTML/JavaScript

Copy and Paste your PerfectMoney logo's code then click save

Done! :) Happy make money with Paid to put PerfectMoney logo


my blog 4 famouser dot com said...

PR blog aku masih 0
belum bisa ikutan

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UPrinting said...

Congratulations, that's easy earnings for you :) And the longer that you put their logo, the more you earn. The higher your site's page rank is, the better they pay you too.

peace said...

nga, nice post. I'll try...

gleenn said...

It's good to know Angga! That's real discovery. Thanks :)

Lala said...

Blogku skr udah punya PR, aku coba daftar PM lewat mas Angga ya, thanks.

sadia said...

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opung chikal said...

bolehkah kita memasang logo yang terkecil dari yang di sediakan? bukan yang mas nya pake seperti saat ini dan kebanyakan blogger pasang...?!?!? bolehkah?!?!? terimakasih jika masnya sudi menjawab dan melayangkan replynya di tempat saya :) terimakasih :)

Grace said...

Nice info..
But PR for my blog still 0 :(

Nophie said...

punyaku pk blogspot kok ga bs yah, ada triknya ga maz?

Bisnis Internet said...

Bulan ini belum dibayar, ada 2 PR 3 yang dah jatuh tempo payout :) Tetap semangad, heheh,,,

ishaq said...

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you are definetly going to make money with this website because i have(atleast $800 bucks).

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