How To Put Adsense Link Unit In Header / Below Tab Menu?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Putting adsense link unit below tab menu or header is a simple trick but quite effective to increase your income. Adesense type or format that is suitable to be placed below the header / menu tab is adsense horizontal link units (728x15 and 468x15 with 4 or 5 links). I have putted my 728x15 horizontal links unit and since I installed adsense link units below the tab menu, the number of clicks is increased. That's it, adsense placement below header / tab menu may increase the possibilities of being clicked by visitors. Why? Do you know... people tend to avoid clicking ad. Look at my tab menu section... with a combination of ad colors that match with the tab menu's background will disguise the ad (google adsense ad links will looks similar with tab menu links), so visitors may not aware with the difference between tab menu links and ad links, thus there are high possibilities that they will click the ad. If you have not installed adsense link units below header / tab menu, why don't you try it?

To put adsense in your blog's header...
1. Log in to your blogger account
2. Go to Layout - Edit HTML - click expand widget templates (don't forget to backup your template)
3. Find this code :

<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='Header1' locked='true'

Change maxwidgets='1' with maxwidgets='2'

Change showaddelement='no' with showaddelement='yes'

Change locked='true' with locked='false'

Save your template !

4. Go to your adsense account and create a horizontal ad link unit - Copy adsense code
5. Back to your blogger account, go to Layout - Page Element
Now you can add a new gadget in your header

adsense Link Unit Below Tab Menu

6. Add a new gadget - HTML/JavaScript - and paste your adsense link unit there

7. Click Save ! you can drag and drop your new widget and save it

Another technique to put adsense link unit on header / below header, and below / above blog posts :
1. By creating custom "add a gadget" to blogger header
2. By creating custom "add a gadget" to blog post


roadrunnerswife said...

Thank you for this post. It really helped me.

Suhas said...

Some typos might have crept in

I have putted my 728x15 horizontal links unit

Angga said...

hi suhas please check these link :

Mary Pat said...

What a lifesaver!! I've been looking around for the last few days to figure out how to add a header ad. Thanks for the clear instructions!!

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang said...

Good tips. I have to try on my adsense blog. Thanks again.

pinky said...

$mile that will make you smile

bachabe said...

Thank you for this post. It really helped me.

abbegrt said...

Thank you for this post. It really helped me.

albi said...

Good tips. I have to try on my adsense blog. Thanks again. said...

Nice blog, sukses selalu

Meyliani said...

pasting it in there well, I think the reply put the code in each post.

Michael said...

I am happy that I was able to put link unit in my blogger header. Thanks for sharing this info.

web informer said...

will you please let me know how many maximum units i can add to my site from google adsense

Aparna said...

thanks..i was in search of this for a long time, thanks a million!!!!!!!

All About Websites said...

Thats great tip:)..will try in my site as well..Thanks :)

♣ lily ♣ said...

thank you :)

pesfan said...

i was searching for something can i put link ubits directly on menu aling with like u have home,software..i want to show it on menu not below the can i do it?

Muyiwa Olusanya said...

thank you for opening my eyes about how to put Adsense link unit in header and other things. it works when I tested by following your simple step by step offering. By this, I do not need to download either free blogging themes or wordpress blogs and upload it to my blogspot. however, I need your help. how do I replace background and border with white colour? thank you. I shall appreciate you if you kindly reply me.

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