Free Download eBuddy Mobile Messenger Latest Version

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Free download eBuddy mobile messenger latest version
Download eBuddy mobile messenger the latest version and connect with your friends anywhere, everywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection on your phone. eBuddy is a free messenger tool for chat on your mobile phone (blackberry, iphone and java based phones), it allows you to log in to multiple accounts such as yahoo messenger, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Facebook. By using eBuddy you can easily chat, use emoticons, organize contacts, make a group chat, and etc.

The latest version for eBuddy mobile messenger is Ebuddy 1.5. How to download and install this application on your mobile phone?

1. Access internet connection via your mobile phone
2. Use your mobile browser and go to
3. The site will automatically recognize the type of your mobile phone, but make sure it’s correct (match with your phone type).
4. Choose download. If there are any pop up appears, always choose yes / accept
5. Choose the destination folder for download (point to the memory card), then Ok.
Install and set up your eBuddy account.
6. Now you can use eBuddy and log in to your yahoo messenger, GTalk, MSN, ICQ, AIM and facebook account.


David said...

is it a safe to use and is it sure that it will send your personal information to any other third party ?

David Brown

Sadelih said...

Wow..thanks for the news

Lowongan BUMN said...

waduh, ganti kulit karena banyak yg kopas ya? bijaksana saja gan, google dan search engine lainnya juga gak sembarangan index, blog hasil kopas.

saya sih yakin saja, biarkan orang kopas, tp biarkan juga search engine yg jadi jurinya. dan yakinlah bahwa tulisan yg lebih dulu ada, itulah yg akan di index.

teruskan berkarya, jangan kotori pikiran kita dgn hal2 yg membuat kita hancur (pusing memikirkan kopas). dan yang pasti, kita punya Yang Maha Tahu

angga said...

hi David
eBuddy is a trusted software, make sure you have read the privacy statement before you use this software. If you're not sure you can contact them at

Yuli Indrawanto said...

Wow..thanks for the news

picnic catering said...

I am wondering if it costs to use. It's not going directly on the internet browser. It just uses an internet connection.

eBuddy Messenger 2.1.4 apk said...

The new updates turned this client into garbage. Every message I get comes in double. App hangs and disconnects every 5 min.

Ahsan said...

nyc like it

eBuddy 3.4.0 apk for android said...

Application is really nice. Interface is awsome but, whenever you turn you phone left or right, while chatting, the interface goes back to the first TAB (Buddies). 5 stars as soon as this is fixed.

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