Samsung Diva S7070 and S5150 Olivia

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Samsung has launched two handsets, the Samsung Diva S7070 and S5150 Olivia. Looks like those cell phones are projected to continue Samsung’s success in the mid-range class mobile phone, to continue the success of corby B3210 and samsung Corby S3650 series. By looking at their figure, they have feminine looks, in other word they are cool gadget for women. However, both have different models each other, Samsung Diva S7070 is a touch screen phone, while Samsung S5150 based on clamshell model.

Samsung Diva S7070
Samsung Diva S7070 Picture

Samsung Diva S7070 is a touch screen device with 3-inch screen size. In addition, there are 5 megapixel camera and Samsung TouchWiz user interface. Also supported with A2DP Bluetooth and microUSB connectivity. However, there is no Wi-Fi facilities in it, there's only FM radio, microSD card.
Samsung S5150 Olivia
Samsung S5150 Olivia Picture
Samsung S5150 is clamshell style mobile phone with 2.2 inch QVGA display. In addition, there is also a secondary display panel and equipped with 3-megapixel camera. Samsung Diva S7070 and S5150 are expected to be launched in January 2010, no exact price for now.


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The Diva and the Diva folder are especially designed for modern women who seek high-fashion and a luxurious lifestyle. Exquisitely designed inside and out, the two alluring phones boast beautifully embossed quilted back covers.

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They want you to double pack the camera .. first place your camera in the original packaging the camera came in and then put that in second box with a lot of good packing around it.

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These are lovely phones, I cannot wait to get one, the cameras are supposed to be great.

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