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Have you ever find files with .001, .002, .003 extensions? Then how to combine those files? This case often appears when you download big size file, such as movie, software (packed in .rar) or others. You should combine or join files into one file to make it works. You cannot blame the one who upload the files, because there is size limitation rule for uploading file in some file hosting. For example, the maximum size to upload 1 file is 100MB, thus the uploader split the file into some files. For example: for 300 MB movie (.avi) file will be separated / divided into 3 files (.avi.001, .avi.002 and .avi.003), each file has 100MB.

HJSplit – Free Join and Split File Software
The easy way to join files with .001, .002, etc extensions is by using free Join and Split (or merge and split) file software. HJSplit is a freeware that has capabilities to join or split files. It is free download and use software. It is also a portable application software so you can run and use it in any computer via your USB flash disk.

HJSplit Download - Free Software to join and Split Files

HJSplit Free Download for windows and linux
Split File
1. Run HJSplit and choose (click) Split button
2. Configure / set the split file size -> For example you can split 500MB file into 5 files with 100 MB size on each file.
4. Select input file to split -> Browse and select the file to split
5. Select output file -> Browse and select the output directory or folder
6. Click Start to split file

Join Files
1. Run HJSplit and choose (click) Join button
2. Select input file –> Browse and choose input file. For example, if you have filename.rar.001 , filename.rar.002 , filename.rar.003 etc, choose the filename.rar.001
3. Select output file –> Browse and select the output directory or folder
4. Click Start to join files –> The result will be filename.rar


Meyliani said...

the article that usefull for us, thanks for share

Online doctoral degree said...

I have a 7 G file. What software can I use to split the file and rejoin them on another computer?

Cosmetic Makeover said...

You don't have to download or install any software. It's very simple and works just perfect. Upload your file (flv) choose output format like avi ot mpeg or wmv and click the convert button.

Hosting Murah said...

Thanks very much for poblish this

Anonymous said...

if u already have any kind of zip/unzip program on your pc(i.e. winrar,winzip,7zip,peazip(i use this),) all u need to do is

PUT ALL the numbered files(rar.001, rar.002 etc. OR part1.rar, part2.rar etc.) in the SAME folder

Example. by default the files will be in your "Downloads" folder. so say you have in your Downloads folder the following


All you do is right-click the the lowest file number(in this and most cases it is .001 or part1) whatever zip program you have should give you an "extract here" option or "extract in new folder" either ones fine.
click extract and your zip program will open and begin to extract. once its done you should have a new file added to the existing .rar files. should have the same name as original file, it wont look any different but if you look at the file size it will be the combined total bytes of all the .rar files. Hope this helps its a bit long but wanted to be thorough cuz i was confused at first too :D

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