Watch TV Online Using TV-FOX (Firefox add-ons)

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
TV-FOX 1.3.4 is a firefox add-on to watch TV online directly from your Mozilla firefox browser for free. TV FOX features 2780 Live streaming TV Channels. You can pick TV channels from different countries and categories. I have installed this "add on" on my browser (I live in Indonesia and I use mozilla firefox 3.5.3), it works but many channels are not working. If you are interested, you can try to install it.

How to install TV FOX 1.3.4?

It use media player to show active TV channel so you have to install WMP plugin at first. You can get it here :

Windows Media Player Plugin for Mozilla Firefox TV-FOX

Install TV FOX to your browser, go to :

How to install TV-FOX (Firefox add-ons)

Restart your browser. Now you can see TV FOX toolbar in your browser. Just pick one channel from country or category lists.

Select channels to Watch TV Online Using TV-FOX (Firefox add-ons)

Please wait for buffering process ...
Now you can watch TV on your PC.

Watch TV Online Using TV-FOX (Firefox add-ons)
Double click the TV panel to switch to full screen mode.


Business Cards Printing said...

Yet another awesome add-on from Firefox! :D
What sort of shows can we watch on it though? Can we watch shows from CBS, NBC or other networks on it?

Angga said...

Well, many channels don't work in Indonesia. I think it depends on your country :)

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