How to speed up Mozilla Firefox browser?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
In my quest finding ways to increase the speed of mozilla firefox browser, I found that there are many ways to tweak firefox browser. It begins when I got frustrated because of the disappointing service of my ISP (In Indonesia I use IM2) produce slow internet connections when I use it. I use Opera Mini 5 Beta for my phone and MF for my PC. So I search for firefox hacks as one alternative to increase the speed when I browse the internet when using my PC, because I love to browse and read blogs / websites.

As I mentioned before, I found there are many ways to speed up mozilla firefox. I don’t know which one works best, I just choose the simple one. I got this hack from Awangjivi’s blog. The hack works on my browser, it can increase the browsing and download speed.

Here are few steps to speed up mozilla firefox browser
1. Open your browser and input / type "about:config" (no quotes) in the address bar.

2. Find "network.http.max-connections" and change the value to 64

3. Find "network.http.max-connections-per-server" and change the value to 21

4. Find "network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server" and change the value to 8

5. Find "network.http.pipelining" and change the value to "true"

6. Find "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" and change the value to 100

7. Find "network.http.proxy.pipelining" and change the value to "true"

8. Right click on any area and choose New – Integer, then type "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" (no quotes) in the box, then give it "0" value.

9. Now you’re done.

There is also a way to speed up mozilla firefox browser by using Mozilla Firefox add-on but I haven’t tried it. Maybe some of you already tried it, please share your experience in comment box :)


dwell said...

nice sharing pal.......but how about you have it tricks......
give you warm kiSSS on urSSSS......

Cengeng-ngesan T_^ said...

It's work for you? hi, what your impression?

Thx 4 sharing

Lowongan BUMN said...

I ever tried this steps, but my mozilla something has problem and must be restart again

Steve said...

This crap really screwed up my browser. Thank goodness I found an article about starting Firefox in Safe mode and resetting the default values.

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