Bluetooth BlackBerry Watch For Blackberry Users

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
This BlackBerry Watch actually is not the official RIM's products, but accessories products created by inPulse. This watch can only work if connected to a BlackBerry device via a Bluetooth connection. This watch, named inPulse SmartWatch, designed by inPulse specifically as a new accessory for the RIM's BlackBerry.
BlackBerry Watch - Inpulse Smartwatch
This watch has been equipped with OLED screen that can display text more clearly. In addition, inPulse also equips the SmartWatch with high-powered batteries. However, unfortunately no further information for its specifications.

So, what's the difference with the regular watches? BlackBerry watch will show a notification or a notification message if there is something new from your BlackBerry. That way, if there is vibration on your mobile phone as an indicator of new messages, you simply look at your watch. The concept is interesting and simple enough. Until now, no information related to price and availability for this inPulse SmartWatch.


Online Printing said...

Are Blackberry users that lazy to pick up the phone and see if they received a message or call? =)) Haha~ just kidding! This is a pretty cool device though. But a little expensive, for sure.

picnic catering said...

I read an article today that said 35% of Blackberry users would rather give up their spouse than their Blackberry.

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