New "Read More" Feature On Blogger (Jump Break)

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
I just noticed that blogger has enabled the new "read more" feature (Jump Break) when I check what's new on Blogger In Draft yesterday. I think this is a great new feature for blogger / blogspot users.. as we know, during the time before blogger team enabled this feature we use "read more" hack to show blog post summary on homepage. I've tried its (blogger) new editor and it works well (no error) in this blog although I have installed "read more" hack on this blog.

With the new integrated "read more" or "jump break" feature within post editor we can easily create it with a single click. To enabled this feature you have to set the post editor to "updated editor" instead of "old editor". Just go to Setting - Basic - Scroll down your mouse and select "updated editor" on post editor option then click save.

new jump break feature

Now try to create a new post. You will notice the "Insert Jump Break" on the left of editor toolbar.

new blogger jump break or readmore feature

You can insert jump break by click its button or add <!-- more --> tag in edit HTML mode.

If you want to change the "Read More" text link then Go to Layout - Page Elements - click Edit Blog Posts - then change it with your word style and click save.

new readmore blogger feature

For more information about new blogger jump break please visit Blogger In Draft


Sharmaine | Brochure Printing said...

Yes. This is a good news for blogspot users like me. I have tried this feature and applied it on, it allows me to post some texts as my article teaser instead of exposing the entire post.

Steve said...

Google really needs to pump up Blogger with all kinds of features that are available in Wordpress or they are going to continue to lose bloggers.

pecanz said...

hey thank u for this.. i m the blogspot user wass slow on the opening the pages nnow it better than bfore thanks
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I started using it too, and it did a weird thing to my blog. All my right side sidebar stuff went to the bottom in line with and below my blog posts.

I had put the break in the top 5 posts, and all was ok. Then I posted a new article with the break and that's when it happened. I moved the break to another place in the post, and that fixed it.

I don't know why putting it in one certain spot drove everything crazy, but I thought I'd post in case it happens to anyone else

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