How To Host JavaScript Files For Free?

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
To host JavaScript files in to servers is very important for bloggers. These JavaScript work on servers and blogger call the function on their blog. Thus, it can be useful for some widgets to work properly. To host JavaScript files for free, formerly we can use google pages, but now they are not accepting new sign ups. There are other free services, such as and Google sites (if you know the others please share). I use Google sites recently and use it for recent posts, recent comments, tab view, etc.. Google sites still accepting new sign ups... so if you don't have sites on Google sites why don't you create one?... It is great to host files on your free server.

How to host Javascript files into Google Sites:
1. Create a new sign up on Google Sites

2. Create new site

3. Go to Home - Click More Actions - Choose Manage Site
Host JavaScript File for free

4. Choose Attachment - Upload your JavaScript file

Host Javascript in google sites

Note : Google sites does not allow you to host files with ".js" extension. To overcome this problem you should edit / change ".js" extension to ".txt" - To do this, open yourjavascript.js with wordpad and save as to yourjavascript.txt

5. Get the Javascript URL
Right click on yourjavascript.txt attachment - choose properties

Copy and paste the URL .. for example :

Remove ?attredirects=0 (you don't need it) , so your JS URL is :

Now you can use it (paste the code) into your blogger widget or template.


UPrinting said...

Thanks for posting this, you always have very useful tips and how-to posts! This is a great one on hosting javascript files. A simple Google Sites sign-up is all that's necessary. Thanks!

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ricky said...

useless, nothing new

Benjamin Standring said...

Helped me!

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