EATR Robot Eat Flesh - Is It A Horror Robot?

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EATR (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot). Previously, the robot is searching for sources of energy by devour (eating) any organic material, from grass, vegetable, wood..etc. In the newest development, robots can also get energy by eating corpses (including human corpses). "Eating organic material" - Actually this is a biological process / system. Basically we can understand it, it is a robot that can gather its own biomass fuel, deposit it into its own external combustion chamber and recharge itself. But EATR eating human's dead it a good thing or a horror?

EATR Robot
EATR Robot Eat Organic Material Food

EATR developed by Cyclone Power in collaboration with Robotic Technology Inc. The goal of this project is to create an autonomous robot with endurance for long range missions and not need a conventional refueling. The robot will be able to get its fuel "eating food" on it’s own. Quoted from detikINET and FoxNews, Wednesday (15/7/2009), the reason why this robot is able to get energies from dead bodies, is because EATR will be used in the battlefield. Of course, many dead bodies found during wars. The robot EATR claimed to provide benefits for US military operations. For example, this robot can continue to operate independently in a long time. However, ethical question arises, eating human flesh is something that is not ethical.


Tipspack said...

PERTAMAXX...!!! (read:The First)

Whoa, it's cool. It's really a sophisticated robot, it can do refueling itself... Almost like human, huh???

Nice though... :)
About eating dead body... I don't really agree with it... :D

Anonymous said...

but it can't eat humans. The grant proposal never mentions humans, flesh, or corpses. it depicts the robot searching for PLANTS and specifically identifies plantmatter as an example. This myth has already been debunked by the company. the rumor was just sensationalist journalism

UPrinting said...

Wow, looks like something out of a futuristic movie. What functions exactly is the robot intended to perform in the battlefield? This will definitely get some eyebrows raised from ethical groups and organizations.

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